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Bigverities has revamp a new site.  First time ever on the internet!


Just a sample of what’s to see.

Go into one door at the end come out of another door.

100% movable images. 

It’s home resides at





skull room

















Witches Castal in the terror fun house


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 Updates Aug2013

19.  Turning Passion   gift box

Giveaway rights e-book


20. Easy Spanish for Baby’s & Toddlers

Giveaway rights e-book


21.  Learn Italian

Giveaway rights. PDF

22.  Power Of Common Sense

MRR right.  PDF


23.  Stay Young

RR, rights & Giveaway rights.  In PDF


24.  Overcoming Single Parenting



25.  Helping Your Child Learn Math

for ages 5-13 in PDF


26.  Relationships Attract Secrets

MRR right.  In PDF

Direct link

Where always looking for ways to help you thrive in your business join us in this FREE membership today!
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It has been a fine week to teach someone how to use WordPress, at least I thought. It started out so good we wore just about to get ahead. At a stir of moment my  Scard ladystudent had two quick fingers or I should say turning the lights off, of my computer by the task manager. If they did not want to learn WordPress there wore other ways to manage the situation other than crashing my computer, if you can call it that. I call it MAD doings. Not, things happen, its heard to say it’s no big deal when my computer is the life line of communication that I have with all of my faithful readers. While the person whom I teach WordPress to took such full responsibility and got it repaired and where hoping it’s at it’s best ability. When this computer was examine we had lost the fat 32 and most of the heard drive was distorted so what the computer repair men did was add I think 3 quarters of a memory drive ( in my words ) along with the old drive that I hope won’t give me trouble or lock me out of this computer again for good. What this should mean is that I have twice the speed and memory to do everything that I do on the web twice as fast. I should be able to post twice the speed. This Monday we shell start again but this time they have there own computer and we have a WiFi/router that should help. Would you like to meet the other person this happen to here’s their link take a visit and tell them GOOD LUCK, there going to need it this Monday when I make them work twice as heard!!!

OH and Members the technical video problems last week here they are IN FULL COLOR.


( Wow more than I thought)

1.  Creating and Adding Background Image to Your Web Page

3.  Quickly Spot Profitable Niches

4. Stumble Upon

Where always looking for ways to help you thrive in your business join us in this FREE membership today!
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This is get announcement thday and I got much to say sooooooo……

Announcement: Hey Members and none Members a couple of


things For Members only I have a couple of great learning  marketing trick videos. None Members sound interesting uh well don’t be left in the cold no more and join all of us wanna bees and bees in this free Membership come on now, what do you gotta lose it’s FREE!! Members here are the direct links also find in it’s permanent place on Members side of panel.

Link Video 1. Creating And Adding Background Image To Your Web Page

Link Video 2. Seems to have technical problems will have to bring to you at later date.

Last but not least, hear a special event that I was at.  It was a day of education and live radio show from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. For all condo owners, boards, associations, HOA take a listen here’s the link.

Next # 2 Members and none Members you got about a week to RSVP your seats to Wednesday June 12 meet at 11:30 am at a special luncheon and learn what only 2% of Americans know! This is only if you live in south Florida.   Click here in case you forgot the address.  Any questions contact me at bottom of panel where you see the contact form. 

Guess what everyone, that’s Members and none Members, SSSI have a special gift and a few more new ones in line for the next few weeks so stay tune the 1st one is made by me.   Bigverities Social Directory it’s an e-book of all the social links and much more that you will ever need. Plus as a special bonus you get giveaway rights to this special e-book it you forgot what that means or your a newbie here’s a link to your rights to the SPECIAL e-book.

Here’s the link to your complete e-book package click.

I think that’s it for now.

I’ll try not to bug every Monday heck I never do, am

down boy... woof woof

down boy… woof woof

always running after the dog. Hey my dog says throw a  bone comment every now and then we don’t bite you know.

Have a great week.

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Warning, Announcement, Alerts!

Burning the midnight oil to bring you this special alert that will go off all weekend. Here’s what happening if you heard the news yesterday or Google alerts you would know. FBI alerted the international cyber ring infected millions of computers. This is not a Torgan virus.  Today Thousand of American computers are infected with a very bad Mal-ware  Monday July 9 will come and you can be off the air into the dark age.  No it won’t be because your internet provider.

Here’s what happen, a year ago some hackers used an online ad-ware to infect more than 500,000 computers around the world the Mal-ware is called DNS Changer this device can take control of your computer plus knowing all your personal computer information. The Fed wore able to take down the hackers servers but thousands of computers are still infected.  So they came up with  a plan to pull off all systems at 12:01 a.m. Monday, July 9 and what this should do is leave all the infected computers of the air sending all of them into the dark ages! You’ll be off the air until your computer is uninfected. You will have to deal with it on your end by getting your computer clean up of the harmful Mal-ware if you don’t know how you may have to hire out.  You will know that your computer is rid of this Mal-ware when your back on-line.

How to check  if your computer is infected. Visit and just follow their direction.  Now I have been inform this method is not full-proof so you need to go here for further actions at plus here

I will be announcing it all weekend so that you don’t forget! 

Until the next time take care. Blog developer  E.S



Where always looking for ways to help you thrive in your business join us in this FREE membership today!
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Read Share Talk About E-books


Before I talk and share this e-book for you to read and past it on if you want. My blog plans are a few days late thanks to AT&T but that’s for another day, sorry for the delays.  I second want to give you some great news updates I have been quite the busy one deep in neck on some research to bring you something very special that will blow your mind if you don’t know about it and yes, trust me it does not matter who you are you can make endless money of where my research took me I promise you! this will be posted no later of 2 weeks most likely 1.5 weeks. BUT its for members only be armed, ready with your free membership with nothing to lose and so much great business knowledge ALL FOR FREE TO GAIN!!  It will be a shame to lose out on these great opportunities I offer you for free, I sleep great every night to be able to bring only the best CORRECT entrepreneur  knowledge verities  pass this on…

Now for more moving toward success!

Learn About The Root of Success -And Have A Look At Inner Adequacy To Create Amazing Results!

In this book, you will
learn about:

- Keeping An Open Mind

- Why You Need To Let Go Of The Past.

- Tactics On Conflict Resolution.

- How To Visualize.

- Why Spirituality Is Important.

- many other useful things!

Comes with MRR rights


Continue reading…

Where always looking for ways to help you thrive in your business join us in this FREE membership today!
Membership always updated.