Bigverities has revamp a new site.  First time ever on the internet! “THE TERROR FUN HOUSE” Just a sample of what’s to see. Go into one door at the end come out of another door. 100% movable images.  It’s home resides at                                  GO THERE NOW! WATCH YOUR WEBSITE BUILT LIVE FROM

Updates On Membership Bolted Gift Page On Reference

 Updates Aug2013 19.  Turning Passion   Giveaway rights e-book   20. Easy Spanish for Baby’s & Toddlers Giveaway rights e-book   21.  Learn Italian Giveaway rights. PDF 22.  Power Of Common Sense MRR right.  PDF   23.  Stay Young RR, rights & Giveaway rights.  In PDF   24.  Overcoming Single Parenting In PDF   25.  Helping Your Child Learn Math for ages 5-13 in PDF   26.  Relationships Attract Secrets MRR right.  In PDF Direct link WATCH YOUR WEBSITE BUILT LIVE FROM

OH WOW! They Totally! Crash My Computer.

It has been a fine week to teach someone how to use WordPress, at least I thought. It started out so good we wore just about to get ahead. At a stir of moment my  student had two quick fingers or I should say turning the lights off, of my computer by the task manager. If they did not want to learn WordPress there wore other ways to manage the situation other than crashing my computer, if you can call it that. I call it MAD doings. Not, things happen, its heard to say it’s no big deal when myRead More

Ha Ha I Know Its Monday But…

This is get announcement day and I got much to say sooooooo…… Announcement: Hey Members and none Members a couple of things For Members only I have a couple of great learning  marketing trick videos. None Members sound interesting uh well don’t be left in the cold no more and join all of us wanna bees and bees in this free Membership come on now, what do you gotta lose it’s FREE!! Members here are the direct links also find in it’s permanent place on Members side of panel. Link Video 1. Creating And Adding Background Image To YourRead More

Internet Alert: Ciber Blackout July 9 Are You On The List?

Warning, Announcement, Alerts! Burning the midnight oil to bring you this special alert that will go off all weekend. Here’s what happening if you heard the news yesterday or Google alerts you would know. FBI alerted the international cyber ring infected millions of computers. This is not a Torgan virus.  Today Thousand of American computers are infected with a very bad Mal-ware  Monday July 9 will come and you can be off the air into the dark age.  No it won’t be because your internet provider. Here’s what happen, a year ago some hackers used an online ad-ware to infectRead More

The Root of Success

Read Share Talk About E-books   Before I talk and share this e-book for you to read and past it on if you want. My blog plans are a few days late thanks to AT&T but that’s for another day, sorry for the delays.  I second want to give you some great news updates I have been quite the busy one deep in neck on some research to bring you something very special that will blow your mind if you don’t know about it and yes, trust me it does not matter who you are you can make endless moneyRead More

Small Business Resource

Simple questions are often the most difficult to answer. Or so it seems when dealing with the government. Small businesses have enough to worry about around tax time without having to struggle to find the information they desperately need. So, we have done much of the work for you. Below you’ll find a list of valuable online tax resources every small business should bookmark. You’ll find they put a world of information right at your fingertips. They also offer contact information for agencies you may need to deal with directly. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance – More

Internet Tips

Announcement Ha,we all need this from what I’ve learn. Bigverities has a new page called Internet tips.  This will be of great interest and need to all. Most important if your buying a computer for Christmas.  On this site you will learn tips and tricks seeking the most information and advice about computers from how to buy one at discount, finding cheap computers deals, which is the best and how to work it, learn about computer security, viruses and much more! ALL INVITED CLICK HERE! (permanent link will be on side panel) Shop Amazon’s Computers, Office Products and Software DealsRead More